Down Payment Assistance

What are Down Payment Assistances?

Down Payment Assistances or better known as ‘down payment assistance programs’ are support programs that help millions of Americans in realizing their dreams for a property of their choice in the most easiest manner. Down payment in actual sense is the total amount of money that a homeowner has to pay for mortgage qualification. Down payment assistances help you to simplify the monthly down payments that can be even 3 percent of the buying cost.


Down payment assistance programs can help the buyers in the fastest manner for the purpose of commercial and residential loans. Many property owners benefit hugely from down payment assistances. Down payment assistance loans have given a boost to the individuals who own a property but cannot pay installments.

What are the benefits of getting a Down Payment Assistances?

Buying a home is a herculean task although it seems like exciting up to some level. CHDAP Down payment assistances guide you towards financial solutions for home ownership in its earliest manner.


Down payment assistance loans muster strength for people who dream of buying a new home but fall short of accumulated cash meant for down payments. The mortgage crisis has increased the down payments up to 20 percent in most of the banks. Hence, down payment assistance programs help you with cash to find you new home.


Down payment assistances are backed by the government and certified agencies that provide assistance in making easy monthly down payments by the first time home buyers.

Who qualifies for a Down Payment Assistance?

The person has qualified CHFA’s initial mortgage plan can easily apply for down payment assistances or down payment assistance loans that may be of at least $3,000.


– A borrower may have to display his affordability for paying both the loans but at the same time his/her insufficiency to make the down payments on time.


– Moreover, the buyer has to bear the expenses of application fees i.e. $200


  • Household savings make a lot of positive difference in terms of down payment assistance program loan qualification. Down payment assistances allow the borrowers to utilize maximum assets that may go up to $10,000 for paying the down payments.
  • An educational lecture of three hours is required to be attended by the borrowers who wish to qualify for the down payment assistances

According to the real estate market research, many homes (the figure goes up to 87%) in the United States are eligible for down payment assistance loans. CHDAP down payment assistance loan program offers a loan for making down payments or closing costs which can be 3 percent of the appraised value or buying costs (whichever has a lesser value).